I feel like a lot of us are giving away too much of our time to people who waste it.


The people who waste our time is what I like to call “Time Wasters.”




Time wasters are people who bring either very little or absolutely nothing to your life.  They drain you of the little bit of energy you have.  They are the ones that bring you pain.  They are the ones that cause you sadness.  They are the ones that cause you unnecessary stress.


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A woman under stress

Now, I will say this is not entirely their faults because we allow these  types of people to waste our time.  The reason I say this is because we contribute to this as well.  Deep down inside a lot of us, we know when people are not deserving of our time.  We give time wasters the benefit of the doubt and in some cases, we give too much of our time to people out of desperation and loneliness.  I think we all know these time wasters are not deserving of our time and we choose to ignore all the red flags.


I have been guilty of this as well. Over the years, I have given too many people more of my time than I should have.  I knew deep down that these people were undeserving of my time.  All that time wasted on people who really didn’t give a damn about me.


If there is one thing I want you to know is that you do not have to give away so much of your time to these types of people.  You have the choice to limit your interactions with these types of people or you can cut them out completely.  Use all that time you gave to undeserving people and use that time you get back to caring for yourself. 


On my journey to practicing self-care, I have learned that life is all about living and learning.  We all make mistakes and some are bigger than others.  The thing with life lessons is that you use your life experiences(even the bad ones)as lessons that you will grow from.  These experience will aid you in making better decisions when it comes to the ones you surround yourself with.


If you find yourself being surround by friends who expect you to give more to them than they are willing to give you—it’s times to cut them off.  These types are friends are time wasters.


If you find yourself in a relationship with someone who expects you to cater to their every need but they are unwilling to be there for you in the same way—it’s time to cut them off. 


Once you identify these time wasters you will realize that you were surrounded by way more of them than you care to admit. Your circle may become smaller but just think of all the  extra you’ll have to focus on yourself.   With time being as precious as it is, we can’t afford to be careless with it. 



How do you deal with people who waste your time?  Leave a comment!