Have you reached a point in your life where you are unhappy about what you have become?

As the school year begins, and my daughter is heading off to preschool this year, I can’t help but fill like my mojo has been M.I.A. for a minute. Prior to my busy life with having a job and single motherhood, I use to spend endless hours, reading, drawing and doing my best to stay in shape.

My mojo is slowly but surely coming back and as the feeling intensifies daily to go back to doing what I love, I actually struggle to follow through with all the things I use to love to do. I believe some of you may agree with some of the followings things you can to do gain and keep your mojo going.

1. Hobby time!


I won’t lie and tell you I am beyond excited to get back into drawing, once my daughter goes back to school. I have always loved to draw but never found the time to do it, so now that my daughter is going to be going to school I will have a little bit of time to break out the pencils and paper and get to it!

2. Learn a new skill!

Learning a skill can benefit you in so many ways. Not only will you fell the excitement of learning something new, but it could also help you out in the long run. Heck, your new skill could even be turned into a side hustle, if you want to monetize off of it.

I am currently learning how to code, I always had an interest in computers and the web so I figured now is the right time to learn coding and maybe, just maybe, use my knowledge of coding to either help others or make money from it.

3. Get your search on!


Job searching can sometimes seem nearly impossible when you are busy with parenthood, or you are just a busy person. If you have the time and are unhappy with your current job or you are unemployed, then it may be time for a change. Use the extra time to search for jobs and network with potential employers.

4.Clean up, Clean up!

Have you been meaning to clean your house, room, or even fold that basket of laundry that has been sitting there for weeks? Now, would be a great time to get all those stubborn chores done that you’ve had not had time to do.

5. Work it Out!


I’m sure we all know about the benefits of physical activity, so I won’t lecture you about this too much. Working out promotes energy restoration which in turn, gives you an excellent energy boost and can also aid in motivating you, not only with some of the suggestions listed above but also so much more!

Personally, for me I plan on doing all these but when will I do them? Well, all I’ll say is in order to keep my sanity, I will make sure I am doing one thing at a time.


What do you like to do when you have the time!