Journal writing, also known as expressive writing has shown time and time again to have numerous benefits.  In my personal experience journal writing has provided me with a way to get out all my thoughts and feelings.  I have also noticed a positive change in my overall well-being.

The Benefits

Writing in a journal can provide you with the following benefits:

  • The promotion of “me-time”
  • Clarity
  • Self-reflection
  • Giving insight on past mistakes
  • Stress reliever

These benefits are the exact reason why it may be beneficial for you to start writing in one. You may think writing in a journal requires a pen and paper, but this is no longer true.  The awesome thing is that with the advancement in technology, you are no longer  bound to just pen and paper!

 Journals are now available to you in digital format and can be accessed from the comfort of your laptop, phone, and tablet. The easy accessibility of writing in a journal is a major reason as to why you should consider writing in one now. 

Check out how writing in a journal provides these benefits below.


Journal Writing


Journal Writing Promotes “Me” Time


You may be busy with responsibilities in your life.  You may have an ongoing list of things you do for others but more often than not you may not concentrate enough on yourself. Journal writing gives you time to put all your focus on yourself by giving you an outlet to be by yourself and enjoy the me-time it provides.


It helps provide you with clarity


It is easy  for your mind to be mentally cluttered with your thoughts and ideas.  Jotting down any of your ideas and thoughts can help declutter your mind, which in return, can bring about much-needed clarity.


It helps promotes self-reflection


Journal writing can provide you with an outlet to self-reflect about your own actions and behaviors.  Self-reflection can help in the development of solutions for actions and behaviors that  you may want to consider changing.


It helps you learn from your mistakes


You may have done something in your life that you may not be proud of and there are some things that you may continuously do in hopes of them producing different results. Journal writing can bring these mistakes to light because you have a visual as to what mistakes you have done and this can also be an opportunity for you to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again but most importantly you use this time to learn from them. 


It helps relieve stress


Just living life can be stressful and one good way to relieve stress is to write in a journal.  Writing in a journal provides an outlet for you to vent out all your feelings and frustrations without bottling them in, which can be even more detrimental to your stress levels. 


In conclusion, there are numerous benefits of journal writing and I only discussed a few of the awesome ones!

Imagine how much more benefits journal writing possesses. The benefits are almost endless.   You may have numerous reasons for writing in a journal and that is fine. As long as it has a positive impact on your overall well-being, that is all that matters.  


Writing in a journal is a great outlet to get out all your thoughts and feelings.  If you are looking into finding healthy ways to aid in your self-care journey, journal writing may be for you.


If you have an interest in journal writing but don’t know where to start,   I have created a 7-day starter journal as a guide to help you get started.  I have also created a 90-day journal for you as well. 

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Now that you know some of the reasons to why you should write in a journal, will you take advantage of them?


Do you have a journal you write in?  Leave a comment below.