Being Optimistic

Being Optimistic about  life is often a hard task to follow. We are persuaded by events that happen in our lives, whether good or bad and they can play a key role on our emotions and how we deal with unexpected events.

It’s hard as hell to remain optimistic when you don’t want to. Especially when a series of unfortunate events happen one after another.

Here are 5 simple ways to remain optimistic when you don’t want to.

1. It’s not always about you!

A great mood booster is to take the focus off yourself and focus in on someone else. Please note, this does not mean to get lost in a person but rather practice acts of kindness. As the saying goes what goes around comes around. If you are nice to others the same will come back to you in time.

2. Speak Positively!

Avoid negative language and emitting negative energy onto those around you. I know it can be hard but try your best to see the positive in every situation. This will help you avoid beating yourself up. Life can get you down but no need in adding to it.

3. I Want To Be A…

Think about the person you want to become. The need to live life outside of your current situation can provide the motivation you need to get back up and move forward.

4. Fear You Failed Me

Failure is inevitable and everyone goes through some type of failure in their lifetime, so try not to harp on it too much. Take your failures as life lessons as room for improvement.

5. Get out and Do Something

An Idle mind is dangerous. It is best to keep yourself busy during times of pessimism. Wallowing in saddens and negativity will take up a lot of valuable time you can spend doing something more productive and fulfilling. In times of pessimism, it is best to get out and get invested in a passion or hobby. This can be very therapeutic and keep those negative thoughts and feelings from having any sort of mental impact on you.

Being optimistic during hard times is hard but it’s not impossible. Try at least one of these tips and see how your outlook on life changes.