I have spent many years with helping women from all walks of live.  I have been involved in a variety of community and public projects and have worked with diverse populations of people. I have a education background in Kinesiology and Health with a concentration in Community and Public Health.  

I have always had a passion  helping others but I have always enjoyed working and helping other women and creatives. As women, we tend to overlook the importance of our health and wellness.  We tend to be very giving people, so much so that rarely do we remember to care for ourselves.  I honestly believe the lack of self-care is the root of problems such as mental illnesses, weight problems as well as a variety of other health issues.

I have personally seen and experienced what not practicing self-care can have a negative effect on oneself  and I feel like it’s my duty to help women avoid the obstacles I had to go through when it came to neglecting myself.  I feel this is my mission to provide content for women who are ready to begin living lives that flourish team self.

I think self-care is much needed for women who don’t always have the luxury to do so because we are often taking care of others more than we are ourselves. I hope that women and creatives will find my blog as a stepping stone in incorporating self-care in their daily lives and with this help in unlocking their best self in their everyday lives. 

My name is Shayla and I am a self-care strategist helping women on how to tend to their needs and wants while being unapologetic about it.



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