A great part of self-care is ensuring your emotional health is well intact.  This is especially important when dealing with people you happen to come across on a daily basis.  People can either have a positive or negative effect on you and this may cause you to feel out of balance with your own emotions, which can cause a plethora of emotions, including depression, fatigue, and anger.

I will admit and say I have come across people who have had very negative impact on my emotional well-being, but through trial and error I have learned how to deal with certain types of people.  It hasn’t been easy and I have had my fair amount of slip-ups but as I have gotten older I’m learning to deal with taking control on how certain people make me feel. 

I have come across a lot of people in my 20-something years of life and there always seem to be five types of people who were toxic towards my  emotional well-being. I’m going to tell you a little secret.  You have control on how other people affect you and I am here to give you some insight on how to deal with these types of people. Since this blog is primarily women-centered I will be using women as examples as the type of toxic people I have come into contact with.



Petty Porsha

Petty Porsha is the queen of blowing things out of proportion.

Petty Porsha who will make a big deal out of things that are not that major.  She will find ways to make situations worse than they really are.  She is the type of person to report you to your manager all because you didn’t say “Good Morning” to her even though she has made it clear so many times that she doesn’t like you for no reason at all(I actually had this happen to me).

I have learned with these types of women to not get too involved with them.  They can cause you to become tired and irritable at the drop of a dime.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for that.  If you can ignore these types of women then by all means act like these individuals don’t exist.  If this is not an option, l suggest keeping interactions with them to a minimum and if they are going to be petty about it, let them be petty by themselves don’t let these type of women get you too worked up.






Bitter Bernice is just a spiteful woman, for various reasons, but you are not one of them.  I understand everyone can be bitter at times, but most bitter people fail to realize that at some point you have to take accountability for yourself and look within to see what is the cause of all this bitterness and how this affects the ones you surround yourself around.  Bitter Bernice has had a bad experience with interacting with other women so she puts out all her anger and mistrust out on you even when you try to help her.

Bitter people are one of the worse people to deal with and I strongly suggest that if you have to interact with these types of people, I would advise you to try to assure them you are not the enemy.  If this type of person has too much of a negative effect on your emotional well-being then it is time to cut ties or avoid them at all cost.  Don’t let them suck you into their bitterness because once you become a victim of it, it’s can be hard to overcome it.



Gossiping Gloria


Gossiping Gloria has nothing better to do with her life aside from gossiping about everything that is not her business.  Gloria is actually insecure and enjoys being mean-spirited.

When you are in contact with a gossiper do your best not to entertain it with curiosity, agreement or further questions.  You will just feed into their gossiping BS and before you know it you will be the one who will be caught in their gossip crossfires.  Also when it doubt, void them out. 



Negative Natasha


Negative Natasha just can’t see the positive in anything.  She wallows in self-pity and sees the world as a black abyss filled with pain and sorrow. 

Negative people will always have a negative effect on your emotional well-being.  Being around them for too long will cause you to feel the same as them and two miserable feathers will flock together and cause a path of destruction on those they are surrounded by.  If you have a negative person who you care deeply for you can always counteract their negatives with positives through positive affirmations, but if they just can’t see the positive in anything then it’s time to cut them loose and avoid them as much as possible.



Envious Eva


Envious Eva is envious of almost everything. She is never happy for anyone.  She expects all great things to happen to her and only her.  She will not congratulate you on your accomplishments and will be quick to throw some of that “hater rain” on your parade.  These types of women cannot be reasoned with and you can’t do anything for them, they need a reality check and some intense therapy.  Avoid these types of women at all cost.  


You see, there are really not that many ways to deal with these types of women whom will have a negative effect on your emotional well-being. You are going to come across these types of women in your lifetime, it’s inevitable,  but you can control how you deal with them.  If you don’t want to be bothered by these types of women, avoidance or minimal interaction is key. 

What are some toxic people you have interacted with and what have you done to prevent them from having too much of a negative effect on your emotional well-being?