With 2016 behind us, it only makes sense to reflect on how last year has been for you and how not to bring somethings with you in the new year. The year 2017 is now upon us and now would be great time to leave some of  mindsets that have held you back in 2016.  I know it sounds  cliche to make changes for the new year but it gives a lot of us hope and the motivation to do better, especially if 2016 was not an ideal year for you.  Reflect on the mindset you had in 2016 and maybe consider ditching it if they are not going to improve your life in the new year. If you have any of the following mindsets, it may be a good idea to leave them behind in 2016. 


The Complaining But No Action Mindset

The complaining and no action mindset need to be left behind.  Nothing is more tiring than constantly complaining about something that you most likely can change.  It makes absolutely no sense to complain about certain things if you have no plans on changing it.  If you don’t like your job, find a new one.  Your partner is not contributing anything to your relationship, then talk about it with them and if they still are not willing to compromise then it’s time to leave.  You want to lose weight, then it’s time for you to adjust your diet and get in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.  It’s OK to complain from time to time but if you see yourself complaining all the time, it may be time to make adjustments to stop those complaints.


The Validation Seeking Mindset

The validation seeker is a person who does not feel confident enough about themselves unless others give them some type of attention whether it be good or bad.  This mindset needs to be ditched immediately.  How can you thrive as an individual if you are so worried about how others perceive you. You are never going to unlock your full potential if you whole being is to  please others.


The I Can’t Be Alone Mindset

The I can’t be alone individual can’t stand being by themselves.  They are in constant need of being surrounded by people.  I know there are extroverts who thrive off of the energy of others but even I know they take breaks from others every once and awhile. Now there is nothing wrong with having company from time to time but if you absolutely cannot stand to be by yourself for more than 5 minutes it’s time to do some soul-searching. Try getting into a hobby or explore other ways in which you can find enjoyment being by yourself.   


The Giver Upper Mindset

The giver -upper is a person who just gives up too easily.  Giving up can become manifestation from a variety of things including fear and lack of self-confidence. Life is hard and it is so easy to give up when things don’t go your way than it is to overcome adversity.  Start accepting that there will always be something un-expectant that will happen in your life.  It is fine to harp on these things momentarily but try not to harp on it too long to the point it becomes a deterrent for you to keep it moving.


The Accountability Deflector Mindset

The accountability deflector is the type of person who takes no accountability for their own actions. This person loves to put the blame on others.  It’s time to leave this in 2016.  We all have our ups and downs and have been hurt by others but there comes a time where there will be no one else to blame but yourself.  You are responsible for you and you can’t expect others to be accountable for your actions. 


The No Goal Setter Mindset

This is one the worst mindsets to have.  The no-goal-setter has no aspirations in life.  This type of person is complacent in their current state of living.  You not wanting to move forward in life(business, health, relationships) and advance yourself is one of the most detrimental mistakes you can makes, especially in today’s world.  It’s ok to have normalcy in life at times but even then you should strive to improve on something in your life. 


These five mindsets are some of the most common ways of thinking that most of us have had some point in our lives.  Take time to know yourself and learn from your mistakes.  You should always set goals and achieve them. Don’t let fear be the reason you give up so easily.  Enjoy the peace and tranquility that comes with being by yourself and never get too comfortable that you forget to advance yourself in life.  It is time to ditch these mindsets. Go into the new year with a fresh start.