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Self-care is so important to practice.  Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t set aside time to do this.

I will admit I have been a victim of this as well.   Time is not always on our side and we can be easily side- tracked due to unexpected events but there are some ways we can all practice self-care right now.


Dip The Toe…Foot..Leg…Body

Good hygiene is always a plus.  Did you know that there are actually physical benefits?  A warm bath or hot shower (not too hot) helps  relax your body as well as stimulate circulation and blood flow. Blood Circulation and flow aid in loosening joints, tendons, and tissues.  It can also reduce pain and swelling.


Say Something

Compliment yourself.  There may be times that you may feel down or insecure about yourself.  A remedy for this is to compliment yourself.  What is a great feature you love about yourself?  What do you pride yourself in? Having a positive self-esteem always makes a difference in how you perceive yourself.

5 Simple ways To Practice Self-Care

Take It In

Are you feeling stressed out?  If so, taking a few deep breaths may do the trick  in relieving it. Deep breathing helps relax the body and also reduces stress.  When you take deep breaths, a signal is sent to your brain.  The brain then processes the signal and sends signals to your body to calm it down.  Try to take at least 5 deep breaths to see if you feel a difference afterward.


Get Up And Move

Our  bodies are meant to be active.  Sitting around for long periods of time has been proven to cause a lot of problems such as slow blood flow and decreased metabolism which can lead to  laziness and being sluggish.  A quick stroll indoors or outdoors has benefits of increasing blood flow and increasing your metabolism. 


The Social Purge

Social media is addicting.  So many of us spend countless hours browsing through profiles, adding friends, blocking people and reading and laughing at memes.  There is nothing wrong with social media but you may be spending too much time on social media.  This may interfere with time you can spend doing other things.  Take a break from social media, whether is if for a few hours, a day, weeks or months.  When social media is no longer a distraction for you, you will realize just how much time you waste on social media.  Use the time you don’t spend on social media to do things you enjoy or would like to get into.  Create something, learn something or get your personal affairs in order. 


Self-care can be difficult to squeeze into your busy schedule but it is so important that you tend to your body’s needs.  Self-care is so broad and can be easy to practice we just have a tendency to think it is hard and unattainable.  These five ways to practice self-care can be incorporated into your daily routine with very little effort so make sure you always set time aside to tend to your needs because sometimes the most simple things to do are the most beneficial for your mental, physical and emotional needs.