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As a twenty-seven-year-old woman, I feel like the life I once knew has crashed in on me.  I’ve heard my twenties will be filled with years of confusion, awkwardness, risk-taking, and self-discovery. I honestly would have to agree, but I think I’m reaching a point in my life where my true self is coming out more so each and every day. 

Do I like this change? Well, yes and no.  I will say yes because I am roaming uncharted territory in my life and it has given me somewhat of an adrenaline rush because I am trying new things.  I will also say no because I am getting out of my comfort zone and that can be scary at times. 

Although I have three more years left until I hit that 3-0.  I have learned somethings about myself thus far:

1. I regret my college degree.


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Yes, I regret my college degree.  I went to school for Kinesiology and Health with an emphasis in Community and Public Health.  In my early twenties, I was so sure that obtaining this degree would provide me a promising future in opening a clinic for disadvantaged women and children.  I wanted to run a clinic that would provide a variety of health services for these women and children because I felt like everyone should have the right to get proper care.  I still feel this way but after constant rejection letters after applying for full-time  positions in Community Health and Wellness jobs I have begun to wonder if my degree was worth it since I have yet to  use it the way I want to.  X amount of money in student loan debt later, I wonder…was it worth it?


2. I am an introvert to the fullest.

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After shifting from being an introvert to an extrovert and back to an introvert in the course of over 10 years, I’m realizing that I am an introvert and I enjoy it to the fullest.  I enjoy having time to myself.  Being around a large group of people literally drains me.  I can hold a conversation, but it takes a lot of energy out of me.  I tend to take breaks in between talking to people when I’m in an overstimulating environment. Which unfortunately seems be about every 30 minutes.  Anything longer than that and I’m ready to chuck  the deuces and be out!


3. I have an old soul.


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I realized this when I was in high school.  While my peers and friends were so hung up on dating,  pep rallies, and popularity contests, I was too busy in my own world.  I never cared much for those things back thing and I still don’t till this day. Well, obviously I don’t harp over these things but as of now, I don’t care too much about most things alot of people these days care about. If I never told anyone my age, people would assume I am a lot older than I am.  Trust me, I have had many think that about me.  Too many!


4. I don’t care too much about dating.

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Maybe it’s the introvert in me or I’m too focused on other things, but I just don’t care too much about dating, or pursuing someone.  If I meet someone cool and if I never meet that person I’m fine with that as well.  Life goes on!


5. I have a problem with my filter.

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As I have gotten older, my filter has gotten worse.  I don’t sugarcoat as much as I use to and I speak what’s on my mind even in places where it may not be appropriate.  I am also a non-verbal cues queen.  I give too many side-eyes and furrowed brows than I should. 


6. I’m pretty sure I don’t want any more kids.

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As a single mother to a 3-year-old girl, I just don’t see myself having any more children.  My daughter is a handful and imagining another one of her is plain frightening.  No joke, I have had nightmares of being pregnant with another child. 


7. I am an awkward individual.


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I’m weird.  I am random.  I have some quirks about me that even I can’t really explain.  I clean and organize when I am stress. I make weird movements when I am nervous and I stumble on my words when I am put on the spot, and, I tend to hide out in (clean)bathrooms or in my car when I am overstimulated or overwhelmed in public settings. Don’t judge me!



8. I have a stationary addiction.

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I love to buy and collect pens, pencils, notebooks, sticky notes and anything else you’d see in a stationary aisle.  I’m a sucker for designs and graphics are appealing to my eyes.  Have you seen some of these folders and notebook designs they have out here now?!


9. I multi-task way too much.

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I am a multitasking queen.  I tend to put way too many eggs in my basket, which causes me to become overwhelmed way too easily.  Aside from parenting, I am also blogging, learning more about blogging, learning how to code using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, creating a comic book, and learning how to become a better writer.  I know I’m insane!


10. I hate my current living situation.

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Well, this isn’t anything new, I’ve never cared much about living in Iowa, the weather is unpredictable and the scenery is sub-par and the prejudice idiots are awful here.  I will say the cost of living is relatively low and you can get more bang for your buck, but that is no longer keeping me from wanting to venture out and see what the world has to offer.  I’m contemplating my escape plan as we speak!

I have to say I’m learning a lot of  major things about myself at the age of twenty-seven and I’m sure I will learn even more about myself before  I approach my thirties.  Who knows I can learn something new about myself tomorrow, heck I’m sure I’ll find out something new about myself within the next hour. Although I have some apprehension about this, I’ll make sure I take it all in but dang am I’m scared of what else I may find out about myself.  O boy, please pray for me.

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