Do you have the creative curse? 

Have you ever had so many ideas taking up space in your mind, but you just can’t get your ideas to flow onto paper or a word document?

Did you have a piece of artwork or writing you needed to do but nothing seems to go the way you have planned? 

That my friend is what I call the creative curse.  Just like your body, your creative side needs to be nurtured and the reason you may be going through a creative rut is because you haven’t given your creative side the attention it deserves.

Trust me, I know this is true because I have gone through it myself recently.  Although it seems that it can be hard to get out of a creative rut there are things you can do that may encourage those creative juices to flow.

Here are 7 ways you can nurture your creative side:


Pick a hobby that you find enjoyable

Picking a hobby that brings you excitement can help unleash on those creative thoughts you may have held in for far too long.


Write Down All Your Ideas


Having a visual of your ideas helps you stay on track and focus on ways to create.  Why do you think it is recommended that you write down your goals? 


Embrace Your Curiosity

They say curiosity killed the cat but I think curiosity is key in learning ways to learn and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.  Have you always been curious how you might do in a painting class?  Kill the curiosity and attend that class or get into something that has been on your mind or something that interests you.


7 Ways To Nurture Your Creative Side


Be Unapologetic

I am a huge fan of never apologizing for your creative nature.  Create whatever you want without feeling guilty about it.  Being unapologetic will help unleash great works of art because you no longer feel restricted.


Surroundings Makeover

A makeover of your surroundings can get your creative juices flowing.  If you find your surroundings to deter you from creating your best work yet, find ways to change them. Adding some flowers or colors in your surroundings may help with this. 


Go Somewhere New

A change of scenery might just be what you need to bounce ideas off of.  Visuals are powerful and can provide just the inspiration you may need.  


Spend Time With Someone You Care About

Sometimes we draw inspiration from others.  Spending time with someone you care about can inspire you to create, maybe even using that person’s influence to create something awesome!

As  creatives, we tend to have so many ideas  go through our heads but tend to have a hard time executing these thoughts into creative works of art but sometimes, a small change in our routine can bring the best results.   Happy Creating!

What do you do when you are in a creative rut?  Leave a comment below.